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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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breaking news george sim man the neighborhood watch volunteer that killed trayvon martin has been released from jail around midnight in florida on a 150,000-dollar bond. zimmerman say that is he shot martin in self-defense. he is charged with second degree murder. we will bring them to you as
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they break. demonstrators are camped out here on ma lean avenue. now, protestators are saying that -- we're live. when do we know that police officers are -- can you hear us? >> reporter: yeah, i hear you. protesters were warned this afternoon. you can see that there are ten to fifteen tents and 70 people are camped inside. now, this is video from earlier today. you can see one acre of this and what they did, this group
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planted seeds of broccoli and cal on to this land and protesting on this uc burklee wants to develop this land. see why they want to protect it. >> what we know is that they have actively moved us out of the program for actually farming practices and has put it into capital. so they are planning on selling it a. they have a plan to turn it over to a whole foods for a big box whole foods in a parking lot. >> putting a parking lot on the last land of the state doesn't seem like a good idea. >> now, they are staying the night over night and planning on waking up at 8:00 a.m. to plant some more. you can see that they have one acre. they want to plant on another
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acre. no word from uc berkley. seven people were killed on april 2 and the victims were six students and a receptionist. the gunman is behind bars. a former nursing student was charged and we visited the school today. >> it's time to close the door and return do normally city. >> we have to over come the situation. >> many well wishers stopped by
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the campus on sunday to pay respects and they agree that reopening was the best thing to do. >> they have to be able to finish what they started. >> the music and theology department will start classes on monday. nursing students are at yuan tech college because the mass cur happened inside a nursing room. it's going to be difficult, but they have to move forward. >> the university president tells me that they have about 15 students in the small nursing program and none of them have decided to leave. in oakland i am with kron news. now, what pg and e knew
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about a gas line. pg and e determined that a leak a few miles was caused by a well. that's the same well defect that caused the 2010 blast. pg and e says that the findings were not conclusive so they were not forced to test the 150- mile pipeline for testing. now, on to hunt for 15 year old cheer ledder. within days after her phone and a bag of clothes were found. more than 100 volunteers hit the area and we spoke with the missing teens parents and see the face offense those joining the search. >> a team of volunteers walked
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this stretch armed with rubber gloves as they beat back the tall grass, they are looking for some evidence. most of this group are volunteering for the first time. you see wearing a yellow vest on her second search. >> it's awesome to see these people out here to help this little girl. >> more than 150 people showed up. a much smaller turn out when searches back in march when than 600 a day showed up. they have had 6700 people help out. >> we're spoiled at the beginning. the numbers at the beginning were extremely high. even though that the numbers are tapering off is expected.
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if we say that we have 200 people that's enough. >> her dad say that is it's gets harder everyday without the daughter. seeing strangers show up, enlightens him. >> people still comes out helps me cope. >> you can read the sign that says volunteers needed. today the san fran sis sew chronicle stead asked the judge campaign manager to turnover her mobile phone records. she wants to remove from office after a case related to domestic vie lance. they believe that it will show
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evidence of the investigation. the mayor is not enentitled to phone records. on the left you can see san fran sis sew and the fog and there live for you. it's much colder out there and soon the rain will be here and when we can expect the wet weather. we want see it until wednesdayful still a little bit of time before the -- in the meantime the sea breeze and a lot of fog. that's going to make for cooler temperatures. we're going toasty the fog push inland. so tomorrow morning it's gray skies and some drizzle near the coast. some places will see clouds all day long like the coast and
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temperatures will drop a little bit. i will let you know about monday coming up. the event included workshops, art, and an eco fashion show. we see that the earth day clean up that covered all the green space. >> the grounds were so big you would think that it was the day after new years eve. the greens were so crowded that there was no place to stand and when you found a place you found trash. for those that decided to volunteer their time to clean it up, it's a head shaker. >> we saw this horrible mess so we decided to help.
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it's on the corner. we don't want there to be trash. >> what do you think of this? >> i think that it's disjusting. >> neighbors say that they have seen this before and a reminder of the summer to come was left behind with no one answering for this. >> it would have been real simple to clean up last night. a fire ball reported above the sierra was a meteor. they say that it looked like a fire ball and that a bang was heard from nava da and california. still ahead at 11:00 find out if your computer has a tyking time bomb. learning more about the man shot and killed in a crime
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spree. what may have triggered the spree. and controlling your dreams. if you're looking to get rid of nightmares or have more fun while you sleep, there's an app for that. and finally the hunger games knocked out of the box office. the newcomer is coming up.
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computers around the world may have been hacked. users may not be able to connect to the internet this summer. all computer oners need to check for a virus. they were used by a group ofhackers and say that they have caught them but windows are affected. how to find out if yours are infected. >> here is how you can check to see if you're infected.
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go to this website dcwg o gr. then go to the bottom to this language list. you find your language and click on the link next it. then it takes you this page and shows your if you're infected. then this is dn s resolution = green. if that's not the case then it will show up equaling red. if that happens then the web link would pop up which directs you their website and gives you information on tools and cyber security experts that can remove the virus. now, this offers you the latest in this case as well as the malware. in new york the search will
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resume for a missing six year old boy that vanished in 1969. the fbi is tearing out a basement. the law enforcement says that no evidence has been find expect for blood. a man that was shot and killed in sacramento. the suspect's family members say that jimmy's marriage is falling apart. he burglarized the store and shot officers and lead them on a chase and carjacked two trucks and stole a tractor. one person was hurt after a massive explosion rocked mccoy donalds. the tanks could not handle the
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heat. the tanks started to leak and then it sparked and then a fire ball shot out. >> i thought that it was a bomb. >> what scared me was that oh my god, it's going to get on fire. >> several others including children escaped without injury. we're going to have a cooler day tomorrow. here is your storm tracker and we're already watching the fog and it will continue to fill in as we go into the over night hours. by 7:00 a.m. look for some cloudy skies. as we go through the day the fog will clear. it's going to be stubborn and take it time gets out of here. by noon still a lot of fog left
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around with some breaks in sunshine. now, most of the cloudiness will be out of here and some portions of san francisco. there's a storm system out here and it's gets closer to the west. we will get here on wednesday with a chance of rain late wednesday and into thursday. in the meantime look for lots of clouds and upper 60s and lo70s. 71 for walnut creek and for san francisco look for 60s and here is your seven day around the bay. looking ahead and tuesday could be a shower out there. just an isolated shower. a slight chance for the north
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bay. it could be a thunderstorm and that last through thursday morning and then clearing for the rest of the week and then warming up into next weekend. a storm is expected to bring rain and heavy winds and snow as it strengthens in buffalo new york. the national weather service says that the april storm is atypical but not completely uncommon. due to the bad weather we will have a chance to get the play back on. the first game is at 1:00 p.m. pacific standard time. today they handled the indians. the indians won two previous games. one app tells you how to pick out what you want in your dreams. we will tell you how to get it
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mark shows us there's an app for your dreams. >> it's an app created by a harvard student.
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cnn tech writer gave it a try. >> you pull the app up and you pick from a list of a thousand words of things that you want to show up in your dreams. >> the app calculates what time you're dream and what's when a soft voice repeats your selected words over a speaker. it's based on a sleep study to alter participants dream most of the time. the app is 99 cents and the creator hopes that it will end nightmares. >> i hope that people will visualize success and by planting the words in there you can achieve that. the hunger games reign in the box office. the two movies at the box office next.
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two singers celebrating good news and the hunger games is knocked off the box office top list. >> keith urban joined a group and was conducted into the girandole op row.
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at the ceremony he performed and neil diamond says i do. they married saturday in august. they announced it in august. there's a new king at the box office and think like a man came in at number one dethrowning the hunger games. it brought in $33 million in the first weekend and then the lucky one came in with $23 million and then after a month in the top spot the hunger games is settling for third place. to date the film has crossed $357 million. apparently the hot spill that we had was a fluke? >> yes. now, that we're back to monday temperatures are coming back down. we will be in the 60s and low
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70s tomorrow with lots of clouds and partial clearing in the afternoon. >> that's it for us everybody. have a good night.
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